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Six Sigma Master Black Belt

By University Alliance
Six Sigma Master Black Belt

The Six Sigma Master Black Belt is truly a leader among leaders. A person with this title possesses the skills to mentor and train other Six Sigma Black Belts. And where most Six Sigma Black Belts specialize in leading specific projects for their employers, Six Sigma Master Black Belts are trained to approach business processes from a holistic perspective. This enables them to implement Six Sigma strategies across their entire enterprise, potentially resulting in greater profitability and efficiency for the company.

Naturally, with this increased expertise and responsibility comes higher earning potential. The greater professional value Six Sigma Master Black Belts provide to their employers often comes with sizeable financial rewards. In fact, while U.S.-based Six Sigma Black Belts earn an average of $104,083 in total compensation per year, their Six Sigma Master Black Belt counterparts earn an average annual salary of $134,779 – about $30,000 more – according to the iSixSigma Magazine Global Salary Survey. And there are other less-tangible but significant benefits to becoming a Six Sigma Master Black Belt; many enjoy greater professional standing and respect as a result, rewards upon which no one can put a dollar amount.

How does one gain this highly sought-after status? Through Master Black Belt training and certification from a proven institution. Acclaimed Villanova University offers a Six Sigma Master Black Belt program 100% online, which makes it convenient for the busy professionals who are most likely to need it. The 24/7 nature of Villanova University’s online program means participants can be extremely flexible with their studying schedules, viewing streaming video lectures over lunch, late at night or almost anytime they like. Further, because this Villanova University program is offered online, it enables participants to complete coursework anywhere they have access to the Internet – while away on a business trip, riding on the train during the morning commute to the office or in a hotel room. With the rapidly expanding availability of wireless Internet service, laptop computers and portable, handheld communication tools, the online classroom can be just about anywhere the student wants it to be!

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