Project Manager Certification

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Project Manager Certification

Project management is exploding as a profession. Leading companies around the globe recognize the value of project management when seeking to improve performance, productivity and profits. Qualified project managers  are in high demand by companies in nearly every industry – from aerospace to wireless communications.

For countless professionals, the ultimate goal in a successful project management career is achieving Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification by the Project Management Institute (PMI®). Many of today’s top employers show preference to candidates holding this industry-recognized credential; PMP® certification can help you successfully compete for the most desirable project management positions.

Now, you can prepare for the PMI certification exam through Villanova University’s online PMP courses. Prepare for PMP® certification online, at your convenience – and you’ll soon have the recognition, respect and career advancement opportunities that PMP® certification can provide.

Mastering Project Management

Successful project managers  know that expanding one’s knowledge and skills is essential to advancing in a project management career. Villanova’s Mastering Project Management course is ideal for building upon the fundamentals explored in Essentials of Project Management.

Mastering Project Management focuses on strengthening basic skills and exploring the advanced topics that can distinguish you in the project management field:

  • Project Plan Development:Including plan quality, estimating costs and identifying risks.
  • People-Based Project Management:including Myers-Briggs Type indicator, personality in teams, project institution and creating a project management culture.
  • Project Performance Management:including directing and managing project execution, variances and indexes, forecasting, and scope, schedule and cost monitoring.
  • Practical Project Management:including emotional intelligence for project managers, corporate trust, stress management and the global landscape.
  • Core Competencies of PMBOK®:the Project Management Body of Knowledge contains the standards of terminology and guidelines for project management, as documented by the PMI®.

Project Management Professional (PMP®) Exam Prep

Earning the PMP certification by the PMI® is one of the most effective ways to accelerate your project management career. PMP® is the primary industry-recognized credential for project managers, recognized and respected worldwide, and demanded by more of today’s top employers.

Once you’ve completed Villanova’s Essentials of Project Management and Mastering Project Management courses, continue your project manager education with Project Management Professional (PMP®) Exam Prep. Villanova’s online PMP® prep will help you prepare for PMP® or CAPM® certification. With valuable study tips and tools – including 1000 questions based on the knowledge areas of the PMP® exam, 500 questions in slide show format, and a glossary of key project management terms, you’ll be ready to sit for the PMP® certification exam.

By enrolling in project manager courses, you’ll obtain the solid skills and expert-level competence required to pass the exam and compete for top project management positions – while increasing your marketability and earnings potential. In fact, according to the PMI® Salary Survey, a PMP®-certified professionals make nearly $14,000 more than non-credentialed peers.*

If you’re ready to propel your career, improve your job stability and compete for top project management jobs, you’ll want all the advantages of a quality PMP® education. Enroll in Villanova’s online PMP® certification courses and you’ll know what to expect on the PMP® or CAPM® exam.

PMBOK® Guide – Fifth Edition Update

The PMP® credential demonstrates your knowledge of project management concepts and is a must-have for professionals who wish to advance to the top of their field. Villanova University’s Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – Fifth Edition prepares students for the PMP® or CAPM certification exams offered by the PMI®. You’ll master the latest techniques, tools and concepts of project management, along with the changes to the PMBOK® Guide.

All three Villanova University project management courses are ideal for project management professionals who wish to advance their careers by earning PMP® certification – the respected, industry-recognized credential that can lead to your success in this competitive and rewarding profession.

“Project Management Salary Survey, Seventh Edition,” Project Management Institute, 2011

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