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Project Management and Its Impact on Information Technology Project Success

By University Alliance
Project Management and Its Impact on Information Technology Project Success

When you’re dealing with information technology projects, the use of specialized IT project management techniques will be very beneficial to your ongoing progress and lead to a much higher success rate in the long run. Planning and carrying out information technology projects can be particularly tricky for a number of reasons, making the ability to complete them successfully a very valuable asset to any employer.

Some Common Information Technology Project Management Complications

The difficulty of IT project management is reflected in the relatively high rate of failure for information technology projects. In fact, a 2009 report published by The Standish Group indicates that only 32% of the information technology projects undertaken by companies were considered successful. Nearly one-quarter of all IT projects failed, while 44% were considered “challenged,” meaning that they were late, over budget or did not meet all of the project requirements.* With that kind of failure rate, it’s easy to see why special IT project management skills and knowledge may be necessary to keep information technology projects on track.

In general, information technology projects fail for a few different reasons. For instance, an IT project may fail because of poor planning, because its scope was too large or because the timeframe for its completion was not appropriate relative to the amount of work the project entailed.

While these are also reasons that many other types of projects fail, the nature of information technology projects makes these particular types of situations more likely to develop. Among the factors contributing to IT project failures: lack of professionals with specialized IT project management experience; complications due to incompatible technology or malfunctioning hardware; and a general lack of understanding about the specific challenges of information technology projects by those in charge of their planning.

Improve Information Technology Project Success Rates With IT Project Management Training

Because there are such specific challenges that need to be overcome when you’re dealing with information technology project management, completing some formal training in the field can lead to a greater understanding of how to address these issues and circumvent problems. By enrolling in project management training courses for information technology, you can learn how to apply proven strategies to IT projects in order to improve outcomes and generate more efficient processes.

Techniques like creating uniform metrics for measuring project performance and standardizing the language used to describe them are some basic concepts in project management that can greatly improve information technology project outcomes. Keeping close track of timelines and project costs and managing project scope are all vital when you’re trying to ensure an information technology project stays on track.

Enhance Your IT Project Management Skills 100% Online

Since the field of information technology is in great need of highly skilled project managers, you can enhance your résumé and improve your job prospects by increasing your knowledge and skills in this area. To meet the needs of project management professionals everywhere, Villanova University offers a Master Certificate in IS/IT Project Management that consists of three certificate courses and is available 100% online.

Through Villanova's expert-led certificate courses and master certificate programs, it has successfully trained IT professionals from all over the world. When you enroll in Villanova’s information technology project management training, you will:

  • Communicate quickly and easily with instructors and fellow students through online message boards, two-way voice over IP (VOIP), email, virtual whiteboards and live chat rooms
  • View lectures anytime and anywhere via streaming video
  • Complete all lessons and tests 100% online, day or night, through a flexible, video-based e-learning platform
  • Be fully prepared to take the PMP® or CAPM® certification exam from PMI®
  • Receive an official certificate of achievement when you complete each certificate course, plus a master certificate when you finish the entire program

The master certificate program consists of one required course – Project Management for IS/IT Professionals – plus two electives of your choice. The Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Prep course is recommended for those who wish to pursue industry certification. Other elective courses include:

  • Mastering Project Management
  • Advanced Strategic Project Management
  • Maximizing IS/IT Team Effectiveness
  • Finance & Accounting for the Non-Financial Manager
  • Essentials of Business Analysis
  • Essentials of IS Security

Those who have completed the Master Certificate in IS/IT Project Management or hold PMP or CAPM certification are eligible to enroll in Villanova’s Advanced Master Certificate in IS/IT Project Management program.

With specialized IT project management training from Villanova, you’ll have the expertise you need to achieve success in your information technology projects – and your career.

* Levinson, Meridith. “Recession Causes Rising IT Project Failure Rates.” CIO, June 18, 2009.



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