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An IT Project Management Certification Can Transform Your Career

By University Alliance
IT Project Management Certification

Information technology is a challenging and innovative field, where career progression depends on adapting to change and staying on top of industry advances. Success in IT also depends on learning new skills and earning the certifications that top employers need to help them reach their business objectives.

Today’s most successful organizations are increasingly seeking skilled IT project managers. Companies worldwide depend on skilled IT professionals to keep their enterprises running smoothly in an increasingly complex global marketplace. And, when hiring for IT project management positions, employers seek out candidates with IT project management certifications and up-to-date experience in the latest platforms and applications.

This challenging and rewarding career can be yours when you combine your IT knowledge with the latest project management tools and techniques. By completing an IT project management course and earning IT project management certification, you can advance your career and compete for today’s most desirable IT project management jobs.

If it’s time for you to enhance your skill set, improve your employment security and prepare for the next stage in your IT career consider enrolling in an IT project management training program.

What is IT Project Management?

IT projects are focused efforts to create new or improve existing products or services. They can range in scope from simple undertakings, such as changing out servers, to long-term initiatives spread across several locations. IT project managers are tasked with balancing time, costs and scope – the three factors common to all projects. Multiple stakeholders and changing business needs can make managing an entire IT project extremely challenging. From the initial idea, through planningexecutingmonitoringtesting, and completion – skilled management is vital to every successful IT project.

IT Project Management Courses

Villanova University’s IT project management courses not only provide you with new skills and advanced industry knowledge, but they also prepare you to earn industry-recognized certifications.

You’ll learn the latest project management concepts through courses such as Project Management for IS/IT Professionals, Mastering Project Management, Maximizing IS/IT Team Effectiveness and Project Management Professional (PMP®) Exam Prep.

IT professionals who complete Villanova’s IT project management certificate courses have the skills and knowledge employers seek:

  • A demonstrated ability to lead improvement initiatives with measurable growth in return on investment.
  • Proven methods of breaking large projects down into manageable elements.
  • Understanding of how to identify and categorize stakeholders.
  • Effective handling of real-world IT project management challenges.
  • The knowledge required to earn PMP certification from the Project Management Institute.

Who Can Benefit From IT Project Management Training?

The project manager is a highly valued member of an employer’s IT team; sharp skills and the latest knowledge are vital to successfully execute IT projects on time and under budget. Villanova’s comprehensive IT project management courses are designed to prepare IT professionals to advance in project management – one of today’s fastest-growing professional disciplines.

Individuals with degrees in information technology or information systems are ideal candidates for IT project management training. Whether you currently work as an IT manager, network administrator, information security specialist or business analyst, combining your skills with the knowledge you‘ll obtain in Villanova’s IT project management courses will help you successfully transition into an IT project manager career.

The Advantages of IT Project Management Certification

Employers demand a broad base of knowledge from IT project management candidates, including:

  • Capabilities in conflict resolution, negotiation and mediation, problem-solving and analytical thinking.
  • Knowledge of project management-related IT standards and software.
  • Experience in writing and evaluating estimates and proposals.
  • Demonstrated ability to conduct detailed planning, project testing, and risk assessments.
  • Knowledge of the project management processes, procedures, documentation, checklists and reporting criteria.

PMP certification tells potential employers you have mastered these concepts and more. The standards set by the Project Management Institute ensure that the PMP credential is recognized and respected by employers worldwide. The PMP designation on your resume distinguishes you as a project management leader and offers significant advantages when seeking IT project management positions. You’ll compete for top jobs and negotiate the salary you deserve with confidence.

Transform Your IT Career With an IT Project Management Training Course

There’s never been a better time to update and enhance your skills. Enrolling in Villanova’s IT project management courses can give your career a boost with the sought-after skills employers need now. Through both individual online certificate programs and multi-course master certificate programs, professionals can gain the IT project management training to effectively compete in today’s marketplace.



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