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7 Pinterest Boards Every Nurse Should Follow

By University Alliance
7 Pinterest Boards Every Nurse Should Follow

Pinterest can be a fun and informative way for nurses to share information and support one another. Perusing the multitude of Pinterest sites available to nursing students can reveal several really well done boards that offer not only an enjoyable diversion to studying, but also a multitude of easily accessible and relevant information.

Here are 7 boards to take a look at when using social media as an extension of classroom knowledge.

  1. Healthcare Communication News
    This board contains information about current topics trending in healthcare, as well as information pertaining to training and conferences. This board has something for every nurse and is arranged neatly with pertinent topics that are easy to find

  2. Health is Social
    This board takes an in-depth look at the interplay of technology and medicine. A variety of technologies across many fields of medicine are included on this board. This is a good place to start for finding out about current trends in technology and some great healthcare-related infographics.

  3. Healthcare Social Media
    Adorned with colorful infographics and links for various topics across the nursing field, this board is full of useful information. An eclectic collection of healthcare topics, the content is appealing to nurses at all levels and is mostly based on quality infographics.

  4. Noteworthy Nursing
    From inspirational quotes to links to the latest trendy scrubs, shoes and coffee cups, this site has a variety of pins that offer both substantive and fun connections to a variety of everyday nurse-related topics.

  5. Day in the Life of Nursing School Students
    From practical pins to review materials to uplifting and fun facts, this board is a supportive place for nursing students to share pins and boards related to all aspects of this important educational journey. A great getaway for support and study help.

  6. School Nurse Education
    This board offers a wide range of topics and links for all nurses, not just school nurses, as the name might imply. The site features countless images and compelling information that nurses in school settings will find particularly appealing.

  7. iStudent Nurse
    This more technical board offers a variety of useful information regarding notes and well-organized facts pertaining to cardiovascular and medical surgery nursing classes with various educational anatomy and physiology images. The diagrams and study notes are well done, reliable and easy to follow.

In recent years, social media has become the latest new study accessory for students of all levels. Pinterest specifically works as a tool to organize information in a way that is both educationally stimulating and visually appealing. For professionals advancing their careers in nursing, social media can offer countless fun and educational ways to connect with other students engaged in a shared journey.

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