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Are You in Need of New ITSM Solutions?

By University Alliance
Are You in Need of New ITSM Solutions?

As any recently certified IT professional can tell you, Software as a Service (SaaS) has begun to dominate the conversation as a cost-effective, user friendly IT service management tool. With its focus on managing the technology infrastructure in such a way that directly and positively impacts business users, Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) solutions are required to adjust to the rapidly changing nature of today’s global business setting. In response to current market trends, more and more companies are moving away from on-site ITSM solutions and adopting SaaS solutions, and here’s why:

Cost Effectiveness

An on-premise ITSM tool requires ongoing maintenance and administration updating. That means the company must allocate resources to upgrade the software, keep current on patches and troubleshooting notifications, oversee hardware maintenance, and perform software and data backups. All in all, in personnel and product costs, your staff will most likely spend a large amount of available resources dealing with this upkeep. Think of what you could be doing with those resources if you adapted a SaaS ITSM, where the service provider implements all ongoing service administration and frees your IT staff from the burdens of day-to-day maintenance.

If you are a small business owner and conduct all of these tedious tasks yourself, imagine how much more brand promotion, marketing, and networking you could do with the savings. To make the switch to a SaaS ITSM tool all the more appealing, many of these on-demand products have a “price as you go” option, allowing you to upgrade or downgrade your service requirements as necessary.

Upgrade Considerations

Many IT departments have experienced an upgrade scenario where customizations were lost, making a time-consuming and tedious process nearly unbearable. Software vendor mandatory upgrade notices seem to appear at the most inconvenient times. With SaaS-based ITSM software, enhancements and upgrades are seamless. With no hassle and little effort on your part, new functionality becomes available to you with no disruption to your IT or service desk operations. You can choose to add more services, adjust the ones you have, or try new tools. All of this takes place with little to no interruption to your day-to-day business proceedings and with minimal impact on end users.


When multiple aspects of your business work together in flawless motion, the potential for companywide vitality increases and employees are much more eager to work together toward a common goal. Perhaps the strongest potential for web-hosted ITSM tools is the seamless way it can fit into your IT infrastructure enabling incredibly powerful integration with a variety of other tools and services. The SaaS products are designed to be adaptable. They are agile and satisfying to use with great potential to evolve with your company and to support your growth.

As the business landscape continues to emerge with greater global e-commerce potentials, companies need to connect with all partners, vendors, customers, and other key players in ways that allow not only for email communication, but also utilize a variety of collaboration tools. The ability to integrate all your constituents, no matter where they are and with whatever software they have available to them, is not only essential for good business practice, it is also essential for company viability. On-demand IT management tools fill the gaps that lead to powerful growth in ways that out-dated systems simply cannot do.

Risk Reduction

SaaS ITSM takes a great amount of risk out of the equation. As business evolves, new goals are set, and new products are created, the company decides what is needed and purchases the services required. Mid-stream IT adjustments can be made with a SaaS tool that will require little personnel investment, much less time, and little if any training. The reduction in risk means you are free to grow your business without the considerations of on-site software limitations. SaaS providers have the resources to build high levels of security into their products. Both on an adaptability level, and an individual level, Internet-based SaaS products reduce risk to business owners.

When thinking about a new ITSM solution, consider one last point. In many ways the SaaS – based ITSM model can level the playing field; smaller businesses with a lot less capital can gain a foothold in the global economy and begin rising to the top of the competition. In order to stay in the game, businesses need to have the most powerful, cost-effective, user-friendly ITSM solution possible and a vision that reaches beyond that of the competition. With a SaaS ITSM solution, the vision and the tools can collide like never before, creating a condition of unsurpassed growth potential for savvy business owners in today’s constantly evolving global marketplace.

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