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The Basics of the ITIL® Framework

By University Alliance
The Basics of the ITIL® Framework

Responding to the unprecedented demand to harness and direct excessive amounts of data in today’s global market place, savvy company leaders across industry are finding professionals with Information Technology Infrastructure Library® (ITIL®) skills highly desirable. The ITIL framework is a cohesive knowledge base and best practice protocol for IT professionals managing data related to: service support, service delivery, service management, infrastructure management, application management, business strategy management, and security management. ITIL frameworks are adoptable and adaptable. An effective ITIL framework streamlines data across all functions of the company in order to improve business strategies aimed at keeping a company ahead of their competition.

Working Within the ITIL Framework

The multi-faceted network of skills and experiences needed to excel in an ITIL management setting attracts professionals who enjoy using a variety of problem-solving skills and who desire the opportunity for continued growth throughout their career. An ITIL certificate program teaches the necessary language, skills, and knowledge needed to apply book knowledge to multi-dimensional problem solving. An ITIL professional builds a framework that serves the company’s mission statement and boosts marketability and profitability in a number of ways.

What Do ITIL Professionals Do?

A skilled ITIL professional becomes a strategic partner in company growth through creating reports, preemptively trouble-shooting, making midstream adjustments, and tailoring IT processes and related communications to address the short and long term profit goals of the organization. The ITIL professional is in the driver’s seat of that process designing, building, deploying, operating, optimizing, guiding, and analyzing IT based data communication. This, in turn, feeds the evolutionary process of a company’s business plan in such a way that the business is more efficient, effective, competitive, secure and profitable.

Certified ITIL professionals offer specific best practice solutions that fit a company’s unique niche.  Large and small businesses as well as those outside common IT fields, such as mobile phone companies, can also use the services of a skilled ITIL professional. An effective ITIL framework seamlessly interfaces with existing IT services and can be combined and altered to adapt to changes in corporate culture, process, or customer base. The highly adaptable nature of an ITIL framework is one of its strongest selling points.  

More About the ITIL Framework

The ITIL framework does not belong to any one company or academic entity specifically and any business owner with Internet access can study the processes. ITIL certificate courses, however, offer a standardized knowledge-base from which to spring-board a career into a variety of IT settings world-wide. Completing an ITIL certificate program demonstrates completion of a goal and dedication to a discipline – two highly desirable traits in a prospective employee.

Because the discipline is interpreted at the business level, ITIL framework professionals are able to apply their skills in a wide variety of systems, operations, and business models in a multitude of companies throughout the world. Adapting an ITIL framework is currently one of the most cost effective investments a company can make and that creates the demand for certified ITIL professionals that corporations can count on to get the job done. 

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