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Change Management Job Description

By University Alliance
Change Management Job Description

Information Technology (IT) professionals looking to apply a broadening skill set to new opportunities might come across job openings with descriptions for change management. Under this broad heading, related titles might also include: Change Management Manager, Change Management Analyst, and Change Management Specialist, among others. One reason for such a wide variety of titles and terminology around change management is due to the fact that the term describes change at both the organizational and individual level. Most commonly, the term is used when referring to tracking change in computerized systems and in the procedures that affect the people who are using products or services related to the change.

Change Management Opportunities

A wide variety of growing opportunities exist for professionals interested in change management. At the organizational level, a change manager might be a team leader implementing procedures for a change in corporate culture. These human resources (HR) related adaptations require skilled professionals to assist a business to manage both planned and unplanned organizational changes. Change managers use proven diagnostic techniques for identifying organizational challenges and apply their knowledge of strategic organizational change to achieve increased quality, productivity and employee satisfaction.

On the technology side, change managers work within an organization to roll out IT changes in a structured way with regard to planning, testing, and evaluating the transition from one business process to another. These professionals need to have excellent problem-solving skills, a strong command of their discipline, and an ability to work with a wide variety and level of staff proficiency as the change is implemented. Excellent communication and people skills are vital to the success of any change management position.

Change Management Career Path

Change management is a versatile career path which often involves work with a wider scope of professionals, such as ITIL® development project managers. Trained change managers can ensure standardized methods, processes, and procedures are followed for all changes. Professionals can find change management pedagogy taught in both HR and IT advanced certificate programs. Coursework focuses on facilitating efficient and speedy handling of all changes, maintaining the proper balance between the need for change, anticipating the potential detrimental impact of changes, and preemptively addressing challenges before they arise.

Most professionals move into change management after building necessary skills and experience to understand the larger IT landscape of an organization. Advanced certificates in IT or HR provide best practice methods for professionals seeking to develop a standard terminology and skill set that can be applied to a wide variety of business settings.

As competition in the global marketplace increases, so does the need for skilled professionals who have the proven knowledge needed to help businesses adapt to the changes necessary to secure a competitive edge in their industry.  Change managers provide a vital skill set applicable to a great diversity of organizations.  Professionals who thrive on new challenges, demonstrate excellent people skills, and are leaders in their disciplines may find openings in change management just the right niche, with plenty of opportunity in a variety of settings around the world.

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