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Information Assurance Certification

By University Alliance
Information Assurance Certification

With threats to national security data and infrastructure escalating every day in the United States, information assurance certification has become one of the most important credentials a federal government employee or contractor can have. A 2015 Wall Street Journal investigation reported that the U.S. State Department blocks thousands of hacking attempts every day. A 2015 study from the Ponemon Institute estimated the annual cost of cyber crime, among more than 250 surveyed companies, was more than $65 million.

If you want to work in a federal government security position or are concerned about maintaining your current position, it may be beneficial to learn more about information assurance.

What is information assurance?

The Department of Defense (DoD) has defined information assurance as ”the practice of managing information-related risks.“ The DoD stated that information assurance practitioners ”seek to protect and defend information and information systems by ensuring confidentiality, integrity, authentication, availability, and non-repudiation. These goals are relevant whether the information is in storage, processing, or transit and whether threatened by malice or accident.“

Villanova University offers a Master Certificate in Information Security Management – Government, a three-course, 100% online program designed to help participants prepare for the information assurance certification course.

The comprehensive program’s capstone course, Advanced Information Assurance and Security – Government, examines the very latest aspects of security management and procedures to help IS professionals combat cryptographic attacks and other computer crimes that threaten organizational security. The course includes 650 sample test-prep questions for the CISSP® and SSCP® certification exams, and hundreds of questions for the CAP® certification exam.

The Master Certificate in Information Security Management – Government program is offered with the unequaled convenience of 24/7, 100% online learning. Students can access lectures via streaming online video, interact with fellow students and professors in real-time using innovative web tools like shared whiteboards, two-way voice over IP (VoIP) and chat rooms and seek assistance with coursework through email and faculty-monitored message boards. The virtual classroom is available anytime, practically anywhere using a laptop or other compatible mobile device, or a home- or office-based workstation. 

With its flexibility, interactivity and up-to-date curriculum, Villanova's Master Certificate in Information Security Management – Government can be beneficial for individuals looking to grow in their security professional career.

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