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CNSS National Standards 4011 Training

By University Alliance
CNSS National Standards 4011 Training

As an IS security professional, you are probably already aware that CNSS National Standard 4011 training is crucial to your career. But you might not know exactly what this directive is, where it comes from or why it’s important to you.

The Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) dates back to October 16, 2001, when, in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, President George W. Bush gave the National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Committee new responsibilities and a new name.

This body provides a forum for the discussion of policy issues, determines national security policy, gives guidance and sets operational procedures for the safeguarding of our national security systems. Specifically, these are information systems operated by the federal government, contractors or agents which contain classified information.

They may also involve intelligence activities, cryptographic activities, command and control of military forces, and equipment that is an integral part of a weapon system or is critical to the success of military or intelligence operations.

The CNSS enacted National Standard 4011 to set a base level of training for IS security professionals. According to the committee’s website, Standard 4011 “provides the minimum course content for the training of information systems security (INFOSEC) professionals in the disciplines of telecommunications security and automated information systems (AIS) security.”

It’s easy to see why this directive is important to IS security professionals working for the U.S. government, either as employees or contractors, and why CNSS National Standard 4011 training is a must for all such personnel.

Villanova University provides CNSS National Standards 4011 training 100% online through its Master Certificate in Information Security Management – Government.

This comprehensive program supports CNSS standards, meets numerous other government agency security training requirements, and enables IS security professionals like you to hone your expertise and gain new credentials on your own schedule, virtually anywhere.

This flexibility is made possible by web technology like streaming video, as well as interactive tools like two-way voice over IP (VoIP), shared whiteboards, message boards, chat rooms and email.

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