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ISTQB Software Testing Capstone

Expand Your Knowledge While Preparing for Industry Certification!

ISTQB Software Testing Capstone

This capstone course to the Master Certificate in Software Testing program will help you build upon the concepts and skills you learned in Essentials of Software Testing. Designed for students who are preparing to sit for the ISTQB® Certified Tester examination, this eight-week course includes a series of practice tests modeled after the actual ISTQB® Foundation Level (CTFL) exam.

These practice exams with hundreds of questions can be repeated as many times as you like during the course, giving you many opportunities to improve your knowledge, build your confidence, and refine your test-taking skills.

ISTQB Software Testing Capstone

This course is part of a Master Certificate Program


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What You’ll Study

Fundamentals of Testing

  • Steps That Make Up the Testing Process
  • General Testing Principles That Guide Software Testing Efforts
  • Psychology of Software Testing

Testing Throughout The Software Lifecycle

  • Objectives and Targets for Software Testing
  • The IEEE 12207 Standard
  • The CMMI Process Maturity Model
  • Quality Characteristics Found in the ISO 9126 Software Product Quality Standard

Static Techniques

  • Applying Static Analysis For Maximum Benefit
  • Steps That Make up the IEEE 1028 Standard for Software Reviews
  • Factors That Lead to Successful Reviews
  • Static Analysis Tools

Test Design Techniques

  • Contents of the IEEE 829 Standard for Software Test Documentation
  • Equivalence Partitioning, Boundary Value, Analysis, Decision Tables, State Transition Testing, Use Case Testing, Code Coverage and Branch Coverage
  • Specification-based, Structure-based and Experience-based Testing

Test Management

  • Independent Testing Benefits and Risks
  • Test Planning and Estimating
  • Selecting the Proper Test Strategy
  • Test Progress Monitoring and Controlling Techniques
  • Applying the IEEE 829 Standard for Software Test Documentation
  • Impact of Risk Analysis and Risk Management on Test Planning

Tool Support For Testing

  • Test Tool Classifications
  • Tools That Support Test Activities
  • Opportunities and Risks Associated with Using Test Tools
  • Factors to Consider When Introducing Test Tools

Credit & Tuition

Ace credit recommendation 3 semester hours. Register today and earn 40 PDUs, 4.0 CEUs for $1,695.

Who Should Register?

Students who have completed Essentials of Software Testing and are preparing to sit for the ISTQB® Certified Tester examination should complete this course, which provides high-end skills for testers, project managers,IT directors and others.