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Master Certificate in Lean Enterprise Solutions - Information Technology

A Lean Six Sigma Program for your Information Technology Career

Master Certificate in Lean Enterprise Solutions - Information Technology

With Newly Enhanced Classroom Experience!

Reap the benefits of a Six Sigma program that offers the flexibility to select a course that is most relevant to your professional responsibilities and enables you to earn a three-course master certificate in less time! Complement your skills by choosing from a variety of eight-week elective courses in some of today's most in-demand disciplines. This Master Certificate in Lean Enterprise Solutions empowers you to align your educational experience with your career objectives and does not require the more intensive Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course.

Save $1,190


Villanova University Presents the Online Learning Experience – Reimagined!

Imagine an online classroom that takes you inside successful organizations, surrounds you with top Six Sigma experts and puts innovative learning tools at your fingertips. As the recognized leader in Six Sigma education online, Villanova University is dedicated to providing the most dynamic and engaging programs available, as our newly enhanced online experience demonstrates:

  • Onsite interviews with business leaders provide real-world insight on how to build stronger organizations using Six Sigma
  • Advanced animations allow you to gain a full grasp of course topics
  • Videos of industry experts offer easy-to-understand guidance
  • Lightboards and other interactive learning tools provide compelling and unique presentation formats

Transform Your Organization Into a Leaner, More Efficient Enterprise

Built on a core of the Green Belt – Information Technology course and Lean Six Sigma, this master certificate program will help you build a strategic enterprise toolkit and become fluent in the language of organizational efficiency. Equip yourself through your final elected course with enhanced expertise in the targeted area of your choice and gain the valuable skills to analyze, adjust and elevate your organization's performance.   

Looking for the Master Certificate in Six Sigma - Information Technology?   

Who Should Register?

The Master Certificate in Lean Enterprise Solutions - Information Technology is the perfect fit for all technology professionals looking for a less intense, customized Six Sigma training solution tailored to their unique skill set.