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Advanced ROI Methodology Curriculum

Lecture #   Subject Title Presenter
Module 1 — Reporting Results
1 How to Get the Most Out of This Workshop Patti Phillips, PhD
2 Communication Issues Patti Phillips, PhD
3 Audiences and Their Needs Patti Phillips, PhD
4 Methods Overview Lizette Zuniga, PhD
5 Impact Study Lizette Zuniga, PhD
6 Face-to-Face Meetings Jack Phillips, PhD
7 Brief Reports Patti Phillips, PhD
8 Electronic Reporting Patti Phillips, PhD
9 Mass Publications Patti Phillips, PhD
10 Case Studies Lizette Zuniga, PhD
11 Creating Scorecards Lizette Zuniga, PhD
12 Using Data to Drive Improvement Lizette Zuniga, PhD
13 Delivering Bad News Jack Phillips, PhD
14 Analyzing the Effective Communication Patti Phillips, PhD
Module 2 — Statistics for ROI
15 Defining Statistics Patti Phillips, PhD
16 Assigning Characteristics to Survey Questions Patti Phillips, PhD
17 Distributing Raw Data Patti Phillips, PhD
18 Finding Middle Ground Ted Garnett, CRP
19 Measuring Variability Patti Phillips, PhD
20 Describing Results Ted Garnett, CRP
21 Selecting Your Sample Patti Phillips, PhD
Module 3 — Forecasting ROI
22 Forecasting Opportunities Patti Phillips, PhD
23 Retail Merchandise Company (Parts A and B) Jack Phillips, PhD
24 Principles of Pre-program Forecasting Patti Phillips, PhD
25 ROI Forecasting with Reaction Data Patti Phillips, PhD
26 Retail Merchandise Company (Part C) Jack Phillips, PhD
27 ROI Forecasting with Learning Data Jack Phillips, PhD
28 Retail Merchandise Company (Part D) Jack Phillips, PhD
29 Retail Merchandise Company (Part E) Jack Phillips, PhD
30 ROI Forecasting with Application Data Jack Phillips, PhD
31 Forecasting Summary Jack Phillips, PhD
Module 4 — Case Study
32 Cracker Box Patti Phillips, PhD
33 International Car Rental Part A Jack Phillips, PhD
34 International Car Rental Part B Jack Phillips, PhD
35 International Car Rental Part C Jack Phillips, PhD
36 International Car Rental Part D Jack Phillips, PhD
37 Metro Transit Authority Part A Jack Phillips, PhD
38 Metro Transit Authority Part B Jack Phillips, PhD
39 Southeast Corridor Bank Jack Phillips, PhD
40 Techno Tel Part A Ted Garnett, CRP
41 Techno Tel Part B Ted Garnett, CRP
42 Techno Tel Part C Ted Garnett, CRP
43 Techno Tel Part D Ted Garnett, CRP
Module 5 — Implementing and Sustaining ROI
44 Barriers, Resistance, and Implementation Lizette Zuniga, PhD
45 Initial Implementation Actions Lizette Zuniga, PhD
46 Roles and Responsibilities Patti Phillips, PhD
47 Developing Capability Patti Phillips, PhD