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Advanced ROI Methodology

Strengthen Your ROI Expertise and Earn Industry Certification!

Advanced ROI Methodology

Culminating with industry recognition as a Certified ROI Professional (CRP), this final eight week session of Villanova University's Master Certificate in ROI Methodology program provides advanced details on the use and implementation of the Phillips ROI Methodology. From identifying and analyzing audiences to conducting calculations and projecting values, you'll learn proven ways to successfully put the methodology to work in your organization.

Advanced ROI Methodology

This course is part of a Master Certificate Program


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What You'll Study

Reporting Results

  • Communicating data from ROI impact studies
  • Identifying & analyzing key audiences
  • Select the best communication for your audience
  • Preparing a good ROI impact study report
  • Organizing and executing meetings with key stakeholders
  • Matching communication methods to needs
  • Developing and using a scorecard
  • Using the impact study to make organizational improvements


  • Statistical terminology
  • Four levels of measurement
  • Types of variables
  • Basic Calculations
  • Statistical characteristics of survey questions
  • Frequency distributions and summarizing data
  • Techniques to ensure statistically sound results
  • Selecting appropriate sample size for the population


  • Strengths and weaknesses of forecasting
  • Projecting values
  • Predicting results during implementation
  • Ensuring program accountability
  • Advantages of using a pilot group ROI study
  • Routine use of forecasting in ROI Methodology


  • Developing an implementation plan
  • Barriers to implementation
  • Putting ROI Methodology to practice
  • Gaining management support
  • Sustaining the methodology
  • Gaining value over the long term

Credit and Tuition

Ace credit recommendation 3 semester hours. Register today and earn 60 PDUs, 6.0 CEUs for $2,495.

Corporate rate plans are available. Please call 855-300-1473 for more information.

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