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Master Certificate in ROI Methodology Courses

Maximize corporate resources and stand-out from from the competition!

Take 3 Required Courses

Essentials of ROI Methodology

This introductory session is designed for professionals who need to maximize corporate resources by understanding the return on every dollar spent. Using this methodology will contribute to the financial well-being of the entire organization by ensuring that time and money are invested in ways that benefit the business.

Mastering ROI Methodology

The midway point of Villanova University's three course master certificate program, this session explores the data collection, analyzing data, converting data to money, tabulating costs and calculating ROI.

Advanced ROI Methodology

This final eight week session of Villanova University's Master Certificate in ROI Methodology program provides advanced details on the use and implementation of the Phillips ROI Methodology. From identifying and analyzing audiences to conducting calculations and projecting values, you'll learn proven ways to successfully put the methodology to work in your organization.