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Master Certificate in IS/IT Project Management

A True Achievement – Your Master Certificate in IS/IT Project Management.

Master Certificate in IS/IT Project Management

Gain the skills you need to deliver your IS/IT projects with a value-driven approach.  Through proven project management methods and Agile techniques, you can reduce the complexity of projects to smaller, manageable segments.  By earning a Master Certificate in IS/IT Project Management from Villanova University Online, you can increase the value of you and your team to project stakeholders.

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Supporting the Latest PMBOK® Guide!

Villanova University is widely recognized as the expert in the project management field, with more than 25,000 enrollments that include thousands of professionals from Fortune 500 companies.

Earning a Master Certificate in IS/IT Project Management demonstrates a commitment to your profession and proves to corporate managers that you’ve become an expert in your field. Look behind many of today’s true global leaders and you’ll often find a Master Certificate in IS/IT Project Management from Villanova University Online.

Seeing Is Believing with Interactive Features!

  • New test-prep questions for PMP® and CAPM® industry certifications from PMI®
  • Acclaimed new faculty members who are the world’s foremost project management experts
  • More than 600 new graphics/animations enhance the learning process
  • New case studies use animation to bring a whole new level of interactivity to the program
  • New animated exercises included throughout the program demonstrate and gauge learning progress
  • Many “thought questions” are sprinkled throughout the courses to maximize engagement and knowledge retention
  • New and improved workbooks with glossary, exercises and more 

Become an Expert - Earn a Master Certificate

Take one required course, Project Management for IS/IT Professionals, plus two Villanova electives to earn your master certificate.* You can also take advantage of the special three course package plus the PMP® Exam Prep course as listed above to earn your master certificate and gain critical professional development units (PDUs). 

Students who earn a master certificate in project management learn to lead improvement initiatives that result in measurable growth in return on investment, sales, customer satisfaction and retention, market share, speed-to-market, employee satisfaction and employee motivation.

Plus, master certificate holders are the first to be considered for advancement within their companies as they have taken the time to add cutting-edge credentials to their resumes.

* Pricing for just the three course master certificate program varies depending on course selection.  Call for additional details.

Five Secrets to Project Management Success Webcast Series

This exclusive series of project management webcasts provides valuable insights on best practices that ensure project success, and gives you tips on how to avoid the most common pitfalls of project management. You'll also discover how Villanova University's state-of-the-art, project management certificate program gives you the knowledge and credentials to lead successful projects. Visit Villanova's Learning Library to watch the webcast series. 

Who Should Register?

Villanova’s Project Management certificate program is designed for many professionals including: process engineers and team leaders, project management office directors/managers, Six Sigma and other quality control managers, business analysts, product consultants, IS/IT professionals and anyone interested in adding new process skills.