Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Management certificate has been updated based on the recent changes to the HRCI Body of Knowledge. Whether you’re new to human resources or you simply want to strengthen your employee management skills, this program is an invaluable place to start.

This cost-effective, 12-week hr training course will give you a broad overview of the human resource function. It covers real-life HR issues and critical topics including strategic planning, recruiting, compensation, benefits and employee relations.

In addition, you’ll receive the complete 2013 SHRM® Human Resource Learning System textbooks, and 18 months of online access to practice exams (with more than 1,600 questions), case studies and valuable study materials (a $800 value). You’ll learn practical techniques that you can put to work immediately to effectively handle HR challenges while you prepare for PHR/SPHR certification.

Human Resource Management

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What You’ll Study

Business Management and Strategy

  • The Strategic Role of HR in Organizations
  • HR Business Management Skills
  • The Strategic Planning Process
  • Assessing the Internal Environment
  • Scanning the External Environment
  • Measuring Strategic Outcomes
  • Ethical Issues Affecting Organizations
  • HR and the Legislative and Regulatory Environment

Workforce Planning and Employment

  • Key Legislation: Anti-Discrimination Laws
  • Key Legislation: ADA, ADAAA, GINA, LLFPA, and the UGESP
  • Key Legislation: Affirmative Action Statutes and Executive Orders
  • Key Legislation: Other Key Legislation Affecting Employee Rights
  • Key Legislation: Affecting Privacy and Consumer Protection
  • The Concept of Equal Employment Opportunity
  • The Concepts of Affirmative Action Plans, Fairness, and Employment Liability Insurance
  • Gender Discrimination and Harassment
  • Organizational Staffing Requirements
  • Job Analysis and Documentation
  • Recruitment
  • Flexible Staffing
  • The Selection Process: Applications and Interviews
  • The Selection Process: Testing and Job Offers
  • Employee Retention
  • Organizational Exit
  • Employee Records Management

Human Resource Development

  • Introduction to Human Resource Development
  • HRD and the Organization; Legislation Affecting HRD
  • Organizational Development
  • The Adult Learner
  • Motivational Theories
  • Training
  • Talent Management
  • Developing Leaders
  • Performance Management

Compensation and Benefits

  • Key Compensation Legislation
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Compensation Structure
  • Key Benefits Legislation
  • Government Mandated Benefits
  • Deferred Compensation Plans
  • Health Care Benefits
  • Other Non-Statutory Benefits
  • Compensation and Benefits Programs for International Employees
  • Evaluating the Compensation and Benefit System and Communicating to Employees

Employee and Labor Relations

  • Employee and Labor Relations
  • Laws Affecting Employee and Labor Relations
  • HR's Involvement in the Litigation Process
  • Employee Relations and Organizational Culture
  • Employee Involvement Strategies
  • Measuring Employee Attitudes
  • Policies, Procedures, and Work Rules
  • Discipline and Complaint Resolution
  • Labor Relations Legislation and Union Organizing
  • Other Paths to Unionization and Decertification and Deauthorization
  • Unfair Labor Practices
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Strikes, Picketing, and Secondary Boycotts    

Risk Management 

  • Organizational Risk
  • Key Legislation
  • Safety
  • Health
  • Security
  • Privacy
  • HR Management Course Conclusion

Course content reflects general body-of-knowledge tested by the Human Resource Certification Institute. This course of study will in no way guarantee or assure success on the HRCI exam.


Credit & Tuition

ACE credit recommendation 3 semester hours. Register today and earn 40 PDUs, 4.0 CEUs for $2,495.

Who Should Register?

This course is designed for everyone from junior HR practitioners to VPs. Anyone who is involved with hiring or managing employees will benefit including: middle managers, administrative assistants and those who want to enter the field of human resources.