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Master Certificate in Business Process Management - Healthcare Courses

Stand out from the competition as a Certified Professional in Business Process Management (CPBPM)!

Take 3 Required Courses

Essentials of Business Process Management - Healthcare

This eight-week business process management training course focuses on the overall benefits of BPM within an enterprise, and the key business and technology drivers needed for overall proper alignment with essential business objectives.

Mastering Process Methodology & Solutions - Healthcare

This eight-week course teaches you critical Lean Six Sigma techniques for effective data analysis and essential project planning concepts for streamlined BPM project management - just some of the differences that set this program apart.

Advanced Process Strategy & Practices - Healthcare

This 100% online 12-week course is designed to focus on the advantages and characteristics of Process-Based Organizations (PBO), leveraging business architecture and the powerful tools found in Centers of Excellence (CoE), including its embedded workflows, data-decision making and business activity monitoring capabilities.