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Mastering Process Methodology & Solutions - Healthcare

Leverage Key BPM Techniques to Achieve Optimal Business Objectives

Mastering Process Methodology & Solutions - Healthcare

The second course in the Villanova University Business Process Management three-course track, Mastering Process Methodology & Solutions-Healthcare, focuses on the 6 phases of BPM methodology: assessment, design, modeling, implementation, monitoring and modification. Plus, you’ll learn critical BPM objectives, tools and metrics that can be applied immediately to your process improvement initiative.

Mastering Process Methodology & Solutions - Healthcare

This course is part of a Master Certificate Program


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Villanova has some of the top BPM experts in the country to provide you with a detailed explanation, overview and insight into successful business process management implementations. This eight-week course teaches you critical Lean Six Sigma techniques for effective data analysis and essential project planning concepts for streamlined BPM project management - just some of the differences that set this program apart. Plus, you’ll acquire the skills to effectively manage process improvement initiatives and a valuable credential that will position you as a leader to current and future employers.

What You’ll Learn

Set-up for 6 Phases

  • BPM Objectives and Benefits Review
  • BPM Methodology Review
  • BPM Tool and Document Review
  • Measurements and Metrics
  • Project Planning Concepts
  • BPM Project Teams and Planning
  • Documenting Team Activities
  • Management Agreement

Assessment Phase

  • Assessment Phase Overview
  • Assessing with Process Management Focus
  • Assessing with LSS Focus
  • Data Used in Assessment Phase
  • Data Collection Methods
  • Mapping the "As-Is" Activities
  • Task-Level Charts (Inputs/Outputs)
  • Defining the BPM Project Scope

Design Phase

  • Design Phase Objectives
  • Planning for the Solution
  • Defining and Communicating Expected Design Outcomes
  • Identifying Key Performance Indicators
  • Using Work Data to Create Graphical Designs
  • Evaluating Design Options
  • Stakeholder Roles in the Design Phase
  • Characteristics of Effective Designs

Modeling Phase

  • Modeling Overview
  • Modeling Phase Objectives
  • Selecting Appropriate Data
  • Quantifying Process Models
  • Data-Based Evaluation and Prioritization
  • Model Validation
  • BPM Simulation
  • Modeling to Minimize Risk

Implementation Phase

  • Implementation Objectives
  • Implementation Planning - from PMP Perspective
  • Implementation Plan - Process Within the Process
  • BPM Stakeholders
  • Work Transition Planning
  • Communication and Change Management
  • Documentation and Standards
  • Keep Focus on the Prize

Monitoring Phase

  • Monitoring Objectives
  • LSS Techniques for Data Analysis
  • Capturing and Understanding Process Metrics
  • Process and Sub-Process Data
  • Problem Identification and Root Cause Analysis
  • Benchmarking and Time-Series Comparisons
  • Qualitative Sources of Feedback
  • Process Accountability - The Process Owner

Modification Phase

  • Modification Objectives
  • Focus on Optimization
  • When to Initiate a Process Change
  • Assessing Process Scope Change
  • Process Owners as Drivers of Modifications
  • IT Systems and Process Changes
  • Customer Inputs to Process Changes
  • Review of the Six Phases

Look at in Totality

  • Managing Processes
  • Toward Greater Process Orientation
  • Measuring Degrees of Process Orientation
  • Metric Publication Strategies to Reinforce Process Adoption
  • Systems and Tools for Retaining BPM Knowledge
  • Job Design Strategies for Sustainable BPM
  • Preventing BPM from Being "Just a Project"
  • Course Summary

Credit & Tuition

Register today and earn 45 PDUs, 4.5 CEUs for $2,295.

Who Should Register?

This certificate course is designed for those professionals who have completed Essentials of Business Process Management-Healthcare and are looking to build on their newly acquired BPM knowledge with essential tools and tactics for successful process improvement within the healthcare arena. This 100% online course is ideal for professionals looking to change or advance their careers by expanding their understanding and skills or key process concepts. Mastering Process Methodology & Solutions-Healthcare is ideal for IT, quality specialists, procurement/acquisition managers, data analysts and business managers that are involved or looking to be involved in a healthcare organization.