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Government Contract Management

Government contract management is a booming field. The ongoing need for trained, qualified contract managers for government clients has presented contractors and state, local and federal employees with unprecedented career opportunities. The scope of Villanova's government contract management course includes federal aquisition regulations, procurement, ethics and government property, which allows for greater control over spending and implementing better contracting processes.

Some Compelling Facts For Today’s Contract Manager

  • According to the National Contract Management Association (NCMA), the average salary of Certified Contract Managers is $102,000.
  • Also according to the NCMA, during the first economic stimulus plan implementation meeting, top officials identified the shortage of acquisition employees as a significant challenge in disbursing funds efficiently and responsibly.
  • Congress Daily stated that a reduced acquisition and contracting workforce was unable to handle a surge in contracts from $154 billion in fiscal 2001 to $390 billion last year.
  • Congress Daily also reported that the acting Pentagon inspector found billions of dollars of waste from excessive prices, unjustified expenses and fraud and criminal activity in military contracts, largely due to an understaffed, poorly trained contracting workforce coping with explosive growth in spending.

What do all of these facts mean for you and your career? With the right training and credentials, you could land a lucrative contract or position with a government agency.

Learn the Latest Government Contract Management Skills While Preparing for NCMA Certification

Villanova University is the worldwide leader in online contract management training. The university’s 100% online Master Certificate in Government Contract Management helps you develop your contract management expertise while you prepare for invaluable industry certifications from the NCMA (National Contract Management Association), including CCCM, CPCM and CFCM. Learn to trace the contracting process from requisitioning through contract closeout as you master contracting regulations and best practices.

Villanova’s government contract management program improves your skills in handling upcoming contracting challenges in the acquisition workforce through three courses: Essentials of Government Contract Management, Mastering Business Skills and Advanced Contract Management. Due to the university’s agreement with the National Technical Information Service (NTIS), you can enjoy fast-track approval for and exclusive savings on the purchase of these courses if you are currently a government employee or contractor.