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Six Sigma

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Become the Master Among Black Belts - Earn an Advanced Master Certificate!

Introducing a must-have new training program from Villanova University, the leader in Lean Six Sigma education. Develop career-critical skills in the world’s only 100% online Advanced Master Certificate in Lean Six Sigma program!

Once you’ve mastered Six Sigma and proven your ability to implement the methodology, expand your influence and organizational impact by earning both an Advanced Master Certificate in Lean Six Sigma and Lean Master Black Belt certification.

These in-demand credentials will empower you with the skills and techniques to manage, mentor and inspire all Six Sigma Black Belts in your organization.

In addition to enabling Black Belts to achieve Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt certification, this program examines business processes from a holistic perspective, empowering you to implement Six Sigma strategies that will create a positive impact across your entire enterprise.

Featuring the Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt course, the comprehensive program helps you develop skills that are essential to advance your career as an in-house coach on Six Sigma.

Earning your advanced master certificate and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt certification demonstrates your expertise, proficiency and superior knowledge, plus it boosts your professional value to any organization. You will:

  • Achieve Lean Master Black Belt certification
  • Learn proven leadership and management skills 
  • Give your salary a boost: According to iSixSigma Global Salary Survey, the average salary of U.S. Master Black Belts is $134,779 – $30,000 more than Black Belts!
  • Take a holistic approach to your company’s Lean Six Sigma efforts
  • Gain knowledge of advanced statistical tools to optimize enterprise efficiency

Take Three Classes to Earn Your Advanced Master Certificate

Complete just one required course and two electives to gain your Advanced Master Certificate in Lean Six Sigma and become a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

Who Should Register?

All individuals with Black Belt training who are looking to cement their leadership and Lean Six Sigma skills, and who wish to create a positive impact on their organization and their own careers. Those who need to meet re-certification requirements for Villanova’s Black Belt certification should also register. Don’t wait – the next 12-week session begins soon!