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Six Sigma Training

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Build Your Knowledge with Noted Author and Six Sigma Expert George Eckes

Villanova University's online Six Sigma courses feature George Eckes, who is credited with having helped formulate and clarify the Six Sigma methodology from its inception. Mr. Eckes is CEO of Eckes & Associates, Inc. (EAI), a Colorado-based consulting group specializing in results-driven continuous improvement, Six Sigma training and organizational development. In 1996, EAI was chosen as a primary consulting organization for Jack Welch's Six Sigma Quality initiative at General Electric. Mr. Eckes has helped clients such as GE, Motorola, Hewlett-Packard and others save more than $50 million in the last year alone.

Mr. Eckes earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Notre Dame before completing his Master of Science from Eastern Michigan University.

Learn more by viewing "The Six Sigma Solution" webcast

What is Six Sigma? Why are top businesses using it? And how can you benefit from this proven methodology? Get the scoop by viewing "The Six Sigma Solution," a free 15-minute webcast featuring noted Six Sigma expert and Villanova University online instructor George Eckes.

You'll also discover how Villanova University's state-of-the-art online Six Sigma program can help you minimize waste, improve efficiencies and develop new skills to use at work immediately.

View the Six Sigma webcast now.